Inverted Learning - A Better Way?

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When talking about my job I often get asked about who uses Thinkwell's online video curriculum. Many of you reading this blog already know our online video curriculum is perfect for homeschool use and independent students. However, you might be surprised to find out a large portion of our students comes from public schools and universities.

Many people don't understand why a school would have teachers use our videos instead of simply teaching the course themselves. Thankfully, eSchoolNews published an article this past week that explained exactly this concept. See, when it comes to public education, Thinkwell has been a champion of what is called the inverted classroom model, and in fact, our courses are often used for this purpose. The thinking behind this is that instructors have students watch our lectures as homework and then spend their classroom time engaging their students. Class time becomes more about targeting the information that students are challenged with or allowing for group work or activities to reinforce the knowledge. It's one of those ideas that when you hear it, it just makes sense. I particularly appreciated the article in eSchoolNews because they took the time to interview teachers using this model and showed how it is helping students succeed in otherwise difficult classes. When you think about how little time a teacher has in an hour-long class, it clicks that this model encourages true learning. It enables students to work through the curriculum at their own pace, which can be very helpful when you have students who need one-on-one attention. Having the lectures online and easily accessible also allows students who don't need help the opportunity to access future lectures instead of sitting in the classroom bored.

It seems to me this is an excellent idea that would make classrooms more efficient and allow teachers to target a wide variety of learning styles. What do you think about the inverted learning model? Do you believe this could be a positive direction for schools?

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