Physics 1 - A First Look at Projectile Motion

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Today's free Physics 1 video is A First Look at Projectile Motion. Unlike the previous videos we've published on describing motion, we're now looking at motion in two dimensions. When discussion projectile motion, free fall is an important concept to understand. Free fall means the only force acting on you is gravity. When you think of a projectile you have the outward motion but you also have gravity pulling the object to the ground. Luckily, the master equations of kinematics for constant acceleration can be used to describe free fall in two dimensions.  Professor Pollock will share these equations and show how they tell you everything about the path and motion of a projectile. With the help of Professor Fischbach, they also demonstrate what happens if two objects are simultaneously dropped to the ground when one of the objects has horizontal velocity. The result is not what you would intuitively expect!


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Physics 1 - Understanding Projectile Motion from Official Thinkwell Blog - Articles and Free Videos for Math, Science, and more on January 28, 2011 2:01 PM

f you saw our previous video this week, you got a good introduction to Projectile Motion. Today's free Physics 1 video is about Understanding Projectile Motion. We already saw the six one-dimensional equations for solving any problem that you want with... Read More

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