Physics 1 - Understanding Projectile Motion

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If you saw our previous video this week, you got a good introduction to Projectile Motion. Today's free Physics 1 video is about Understanding Projectile Motion. We already saw the six one-dimensional equations for solving any problem that you want with constant acceleration, and in particular, any free-fall problem. We learned that projectile motion is free-fall in two dimensions and that the beauty of projectile motion is that motion in the x-direction is independent of motion in the y-direction. Professor Pollock continues running through examples to help you understand how to calculate different aspects of projectile motion, whether it's velocity, time or range. It can be frustrating trying to figure out which of the six one-dimensional equations to use in order to solve projectile motion questions. Often you'll need to use more than one, but the examples on the video help solidify the way to determine which equations will get you to the correct answer.


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