Biology - An Overview of Mitosis

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We all know biology has a lot of vocabulary. You'll definitely get a dose of it in today's free Biology video on Mitosis: An Overview. However, it's more important to understand the different stages of Mitosis and the different cellular events that occur during it. Believe it or not, a cell spends only 10% of its life dividing and some never divide. So, as important as Mitosis is, it isn't a constant occurrence in a cell's life. Most of its life is spent in the interphase stage, the period when a cell isn't actively dividing.

Mitosis is mainly about forming chromosomes, which is why DNA is only packed into a chromosome when a cell is going to do Mitosis.  But did you know that chromosomes could form in three different ways? Depending on where the centromere, or the pinched-in section in a chromosome is, determines what type of chromosome it is. A telocentric chromosome has the centromere at the top or bottom, an acrocentric chromosome's centromere is off-center, and the metacentric chromosome's centromere is centered. Seems like a lot to remember, but what is most important is to understand what is actually happening during Mitosis. Watch today's video and let Professor George Wolfe explain the process and, as he says, the vocabulary will come later.


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