Biology - Protein Synthesis

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We just shared a video on Translation and Transcription, and today's free Biology video is an overview of Protein Synthesis, the process in which cells build proteins. This is a complex process and difficult to cover in a single lecture, but Professor Wolfe takes the challenge head on in today's lecture.

Protein synthesis is a 4-step process that starts with the transcription of mRNA from a DNA gene in the nucleus. Then, initiation begins when the mRNA codon, AUG, binds with the initiator tRNA anticodon, UAC. After initiation, elongation starts when a second tRNA anticodon binds with the appropriate mRNA codon. The process repeats until the ribosome encounters a stop codon, which causes the release of the polypeptide and the break up of the ribosome.

This is a lot to take in and it's a good thing Professor Wolfe is such a great teacher because he makes it much more understandable than I can.  Definitely check out today's video and learn more about protein synthesis.


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