Factoring Trinomials Completely

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I absolutely love factoring. There is something about the logic behind it that really gets to me. It's funny because it wasn't something I enjoyed in school; instead I've found a love for it while watching Professor Burger lectures.
Remember FOIL, the technique for multiplying two binomials to form a trinomial? Well, this is the opposite of FOIL, and instead of multiplying 2 binomials; you are undoing that work and factoring a trinomial down to the 2 binomials. What's nice is you can always check your work with FOIL and know you got the correct answer. The key to factoring trinomials is to go through your factoring list. First look to see if there are any common factors or any grouping possibilities. Then, break up the squared term and list possible factors. Watch Professor Burger's lecture on Factoring Trinomials in today's free College Algebra video. You'll find that the best way to solve these is through a little trial and error as he runs through a couple of sample problems.


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