The Top Ten Algebra Mistakes

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Knowing what to do to in algebra is half the battle. Knowing what NOT to do can be just as important and it's what we explore in today's free video. For many students, this lecture on The Top Ten List of Mistakes is a favorite. I love all of the little songs for each mistake and the lecture is a great example of Professor Ed Burger's sense of humor. This video is one of the first you see in our College Algebra course and as you continue to learn algebra, you'll see why. This is a lecture that all algebra students can appreciate.

While the lecture is fun and entertaining, don't forget to pay attention to the mistakes being noted. These are all simple errors many of us have made while working algebraic problems.  Every time I'm about to make one of these mistakes, I'll suddenly hear one of the songs from this lecture and avoid getting stuck with the wrong answer. By the end of the video you'll be singing, "When in doubt, write it out."



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