Celebrate Earth Day!

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Did you know that for over 40 years, Earth Day has inspired awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment? United States Senator Gaylord Nelson founded it in 1970. Initially focused on just the United States, it became an internationally recognized day in 1990.

What I like about Earth Day is coming up with fun activities that bring home different ways to recycle and enjoy the world around us! Learning to love our home planet and take care of it is important, so here's a great list of resources to help you celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day Wikipedia page - I was surprised by how much history was behind this day. It's interesting to read how it came about and how other countries celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day Network - This is the organization that coordinates Earth Day celebrations across the globe. Site has lots of great information and suggestions for activities.

A Billion Acts of Green
- Earth Day Network has set up a page where you can choose from a list of  "acts of green" and pledge to participate in them. Everything from turning lights off when you leave a room to writing a senator are suggested here.

Our government maintains an Earth Day Page - through the Environmental Protection Agency. You can read about environmental issues, green science and technology and ways you can take action to help our environment.

Keep America Beautiful - is a great resource for litter prevention, waste reduction and recycling.  Picking up trash is a great activity as it helps kids see that just one piece of trash tossed can quickly add up to a real mess in the long run! They even have a kids' section with games and a couple of brochures with information on how kids can help keep America beautiful.

The Nature Conservancy - is celebrating Earth Day with Picnic for the Planet. Meet up with other folks in your city to celebrate Earth Day outside. They have recipes for picnic inspiration and tons of already planned meet-ups for this celebration.

We'd love to hear what you have planned for Earth Day? Will you be picking up litter in your favorite park or maybe taking the kids to a recycling plant to learn how it all works? Share with us in the comments section!

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