Displaying Data

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There are many, many ways to display data including bar graphs, histograms, pie charts, and line graphs. The key is finding the most effective way to present your data and create the impact you want. In today's free 8th Grade Math video on Displaying Data, Professor Burger starts things off by demonstrating a frequency table. A frequency table is a table that lists the number of times, or frequency, that each data value occurs. He takes the data from the frequency table and creates a double-bar graph, which is a bar graph used to display and compare two sets of data. What becomes readily apparent is how important the visualization of data can be in showing trends and making a list of numbers have meaning.

But wait, there's more! This is only the first lecture! Clicking the forward button to the left of the time stamp will get you two more lectures discussing histograms and line graphs. By the end of today's lectures, you will be ready to attack the included topic worksheet. Check out the video, complete the work sheet and understand the beauty of displaying data.


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