Favorite Homeschool Supplies

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What is the one homeshool supply you can't live without? It's a simple question and yet when I posed it to homeschoolers online, I was surprised by the answers. I, of course, made certain that kids weren't an answer, as we all would give that one. But it came down to three main responses. One answer was BBC documentaries, something I have heard many homeschool parents mention. Seems that they produce high quality documentaries that are great for students. The number one answer was a computer. Completely unsurprising in this day and age and definitely one I appreciate seeing as it is an amazing resource. The second highest response was an inquiring mind. I wouldn't have thought of this as a supply, yet it rings true as a very important aspect of homeschooling. One of the beauties of homeschooling is the freedom and lack of rules. Yes, many states require you to submit samples of work or have your child take a test to prove they are learning. But without an inquiring mind, homeschooling doesn't work as well. I love the beauty of a parent letting their child's interests lead their education and how often it is the best way to develop a life-long love of learning. I think students who don't want to learn are not the best homeschool students. Isn't that why we homeschool, after all, to teach children to enjoy learning?

I was impressed with the answers to this question. Still hoping to get more. If you have a chance visit us on Facebook and add your two cents or just post below. I love hearing about people's homeschools and what works for them!

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