Introduction to the Digestive System

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I thought this would be a perfect video to post for lunchtime: Introduction to the Digestive System. Learn exactly what happens after you take a bite of your lunch and what processes it goes through as it is digested with today's free Biology lecture. Did you know that we have specific teeth adapted for our omnivore diet? You'll learn more about that and the major roles of digestion: ingestion, digestion and absorption. Professor George Wolfe starts at the beginning of digestion in the mouth and goes through the entire digestive system to the end: the large intestines. This is a great overview of the digestive process and you'll see how fascinating our bodies are in breaking down the food we eat for fuel. I love Prof. Wolfe's sense of humor and it definitely comes through in today's lecture.


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Human Nutrition: Absorption from Official Thinkwell Blog - Articles and Free Videos for Math, Science, and more on April 13, 2011 2:47 PM

It's always great to gain a better understanding of how our bodies work and absorption of nutrients really connects the dots from food to fuel. That's why today we are jumping into Human Nutrition: Absorption. Read More

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