The American Two-Party System

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Things have definitely been changing in the political arena lately. However, as much as things change they also tend to stay the same, and two political parties have always dominated our country's elections. This is not to say there aren't other political parties out there. But, when it comes down to it, America has two main political parties: Republican and Democrat. While the past election saw some changes, if you look at Congress you'll see it's still primarily composed of members from the two main parties. Why is this the case and why do so many of the smaller parties have a difficult time getting elected? Watch today's free AP American Government video on The American Two-Party System to find out why. Professor Mark Rom shows how often the structure of our election system maintains a two-party system. Of course, as with most things in politics, it is much more complicated than that and today's lecture strives to touch on many of the reasons for why other parties have a more difficult time capturing elections.


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