Algebra 1 - Set Theory

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A set is one of the most important ideas of mathematics. Believe it or not, a set is just a collection of items. The items in a set have a name and they are called elements. In today's free Algebra 1 video, Professor Burger covers all aspects of Set Theory.

In the first lecture, he covers finding the union and intersection of sets. The intersection of two sets is a single set that contains only the elements that are common to the original sets. The union of two sets is a single set of all elements of the original sets. The second lecture covers making a Venn diagram, which is a way to show the union and intersection of the pair of sets. He also touches on finding the compliment of a set. In the example he uses, you'll learn about the universe, which is the set that contains all of the elements relating to the situation. Prof. Burger discusses determining relationships between sets in the third lecture and shows how you can use a Venn diagram to determine these relationships. Finally, you'll get a great real world application of sets in the final lecture.

Don't forget that today's video has four lectures on it. Click on the forward button to the left of the time stamp to move to the next lecture on the video.


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