Bill of Rights

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In order to win ratification of the Constitution, the framers had promised enactment of a Bill of Rights that protected individual liberties and freedom. When James Madison originally drafted the Bill of Rights, he created seventeen amendments. By 1791, the states had ratified ten amendments that became what we know as the Bill of Rights. Interestingly, the first eight amendments were copied from the Virginia Declaration of Rights as written by George Mason. At the time people feared the federal government would become too powerful and would infringe on the states. Thus the 9th and 10th amendments limited the power of the federal government.

Most Americans don't know even the most basic things about the Bill of Rights, which is why today's free American Government lecture is perfect for everyone. Professor Gerald Rosenberg gives a little history before delving into an overview of all 10 amendments. This is important information to learn because these amendments protect our rights as American Citizens. Watch today's video to learn more about the freedoms and protections contained in the Bill of Rights.


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