Geometry - Understanding Points, Lines, and Planes

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In thinking about Geometry there are all these fundamental building blocks that allow us to build all sorts of interesting-looking geometrical things. In today's free Geometry video, Professor Burger lectures on the topic of Understanding Points, Lines, and Planes. He beings with the basics by defining points, lines, and planes. A point names a location and has no size. A line is a straight path that has no thickness and extends in two directions forever. A plane is a flat surface with no thickness that extends forever in all of its directions. In the second lecture, he explains drawing segments and rays. A line segment is the part of a line consisting of two point and all point between them. A ray is part of a line that starts at an endpoint and extends forever in one direction. The third lecture finds Professor Burger showing how to identify point and lines in a plane. And finally, in the fourth lecture he challenges you to sketch different types of intersections. It's not always as easy as it sounds and might challenge your artistic abilities.

This is fairly basic Geometry knowledge and the first video of our online Geometry course. It's a perfect beginning because understanding points, lines, and planes are crucial to succeeding in Geometry and are concepts that will be built upon in future lessons.

Make sure you catch all four lectures by clicking on the forward button to the left of the time stamp to move to the next lecture on the video.


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