Metric Measurements

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The Metric System is based on powers of ten. It's a simple measurement system due to the ease of converting between the different units. While the Metric System is not the standard system of measurement in the United States, almost every country in the world utilizes it. It is however, commonly used in the fields of science and engineering, by the military, and in some industries. In today's free Grade 7 Math video on Metric Measurements, Professor Edward Burger describes the different metric units of measurement and then demonstrates how to choose the appropriate metric unit for what you are measuring. In the second lecture on today's video, he covers converting metric units. You'll quickly see the real power of the metric system comes from the simplicity of converting measurements. The final lecture on today's video is on using unit conversions to make comparisons. Using real world examples, you'll see how to use your knowledge of the metric system to work word problems and make comparisons of different metric units.

By the end of the video, you will gain a solid understanding of the metric system and converting metric units. Make sure you click the forward button to the left of the time stamp to watch all three lectures!


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