Translating Between Words and Math

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Word problems can be tricky. Sometimes it's difficult to convert verbal expressions into algebraic expressions. The trick is to be able to translate words into math. In today's free Pre-algebra video on Translating Between Words and Math, Professor Burger demonstrates just how to do that. He makes it as simple as learning that the word product means multiply. You'll learn what a variety of verbal expressions translate into, algebraically. This is a great overview if you are just getting into word problems.

What's better is today's video has 2 lectures on it! Once you've learned the translation basic in the first lecture, Prof. Burger will give you real-world problems so you can see what you just learned in action. This video is a great aide for a type of problem you will encounter frequently in your math courses. Make sure you click on the forward button to the left of the time stamp to watch both lectures.



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