Algebraic Proofs

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It's very important to be able to prove the truth of statements in mathematics, especially in your own work. It not only helps you calculate the right answer by checking your work along the way, but also explains why we go through a series of steps to solve a problem. That's why today's free Geometry video on algebraic proofs is so useful--and will continue to be useful as you progress to more difficult mathematical subjects. In this video, Professor Burger shows you how to go about justifying each step in solving an equation.  He also uses a word problem to reinforce the importance of clear mathematical proofs. You get to see each step in the problem's solution and practice determining the justifications for each step. In the fourth lecture, Professor Burger identifies different properties of equality and congruence, which is essential to verifying mathematical statements. It might seem tedious, but proofs are at the heart of all mathematics.

Don't forget to click the forward button to the left of the time stamp to catch all four lectures on today's video. We'll have a worksheet for you tomorrow to check your knowledge on algebraic proofs.

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