Coordinate and Transformation Tools - Free Worksheet

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Did you catch both of the videos we posted on the blog this week? If not, go check out the posts: Using Formulas in Geometry and Geometry-Transformations in the Coordinate Plane. Today we're sharing a free Geometry worksheet covering the subsection on Coordinate and Transformation Tools. You'll want to understand the information from both videos before you use this worksheet to see how much knowledge you retained.

While the worksheet covers 3 videos, we didn't share the second video on Midpoint and Distance on the Coordinate Plane. However, fear not because the free worksheet is labeled so you can either omit the questions from the section you haven't seen or try to solve them despite not having reviewed the information. Either way, this worksheet is a great example of one of many ways students can review the important concepts from lectures to ensure they have a solid grasp on the subject. While we also include interactive activities, quizzes, tests, notes and other helpful learning aids, the worksheets are great because you can print them and complete them anywhere at anytime.


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