Geometry - Transformations in the Coordinate Plane

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In today's free Geometry video, we're taking a look at Transformations in the Coordinate Plane. A transformation is a change in the position, size, or shape of a figure. The original figure in a transformation is called the preimage and the resulting figure is called the image. Possible transformations include reflections, rotations, and translations. In the first lecture, Professor Burger teaches the basics for each type of transformation and how to use arrow notation to describe the transformation. In the second lecture, he uses a problem to show how to draw and then identify a reflection in the coordinate plane. The lesson continues in the third lecture where you will learn how to draw and recognize a translation, where all points of a figure move the same distance in the same direction. And finally, in the fourth lecture, Professor Burger uses an example of a tile pattern to show Geometry in action in a real world application.

Transformations are often used in art, which makes it a very interesting subject. Catch all four lectures on the video by clicking the forward button to the left of the time stamp.


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