Introducing Thinkwell Referral Rewards!

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Here at Thinkwell, we make multimedia textbooks that our customers are proud to recommend to everyone they know. We love when you spread the word about Thinkwell, and we want to give a little something back to you when you do. That's why we're introducing Thinkwell Referral Rewards.

Thinkwell Referral Rewards allows current Thinkwell subscribers to earn $25 Amazon gift cards by recommending their friends and family. Friends and family receive $10 off all 12-month subscriptions at the time of purchase, and the current subscriber receives a $25 gift card for each subscription.

That's right. All the new subscriber has to do for a $10 discount is type the referrer's email address in at checkout--and the referrer gets a $25 Amazon gift card! So go tell your friends and family (and neighbors and coworkers and dog-groomers) about how much you love Thinkwell. You'll be glad you did.

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