Summer Doesn't Mean Learning is Over

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This summer, many of you are shutting down your homeschool and taking a break. You earned it, your kids earned it, and honestly, a break can revitalize and inspire both you and your children when you start back up. However, the beauty of homeschooling is that you're never finished learning, and anything can turn into an educational opportunity.

Many of you may be travelling around the globe this summer. Travel is one of the biggest opportunities to learn out there! Whether it's another culture, a historical location, or maybe just another city, there is a wealth of learning adventures you and your children can encounter. Travelling to Paris was one of the most amazing cultural experiences I have ever had. I got to see famous works of art I had only read about, peer out over the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower, and make my way around town on the Metro, the subway system in Paris. At one point, we were even seated with strangers at a restaurant, where we proceeded to discuss our countries and the differences between the two. It was an amazing evening, and it gave me the chance to see things through a stranger's eyes. Travelling opens you up to new experiences that you might otherwise never enjoy. And think of how exciting it is for kids whose views of the world tend to be more centralized.

Or maybe you'll explore your own town like a tourist. This can often be a great experience. Check out the local museums, find and use the outdoor hike and bike trails, or wander historic areas and learn what makes them so special. It's easy to forget about all the fun things available to you in your city, and now is the time to embrace them! Look for interesting exhibits and day trips that can show your children why you live where you do. Find free splash parks, great playscapes, or seek out the free Shakespeare in the Park performances your city may offer. It's not necessary to spend a lot of money to have a fun day on the town.

Additionally, check out the local community colleges, theaters, or museums to see if they offer kids' classes. You can either take a class with your child so you can experience learning together, or take a well-deserved break and let them explore crafting on their own. Either way, you both win. Growing up, I had the benefit of taking interesting art courses with my mom during summers. Together we took a stained-glass class that helped us bond and taught us an interesting craft. The experience resulted in both of us developing a passion for taking arts classes, and we both still do.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of ideas--and part of the reason why homeschooling is so great. Education never stops, and I'm certain many of you have great plans for how you'll continue education this summer without cracking the books. Share them with us in the comments section. We hope you have a great summer of learning!

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