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First Day of Homeschool

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Labor Day weekend has come and gone, and that means today is the first day of school for lots of students--including homeschool students. How can homeschool parents make sure that first day is exciting and fun for their children? Here are some tips from around the homeschool blogosphere.

The Creative Homeschool recommends borrowing some traditions from the conventional first day of school, like buying new school supplies or a new outfit:

It's fun to have something new to wear, even though we don't invest in a whole wardrobe at one time. advises marking the day with a special ritual:

...when we began homeschooling, we decided to continue first-day-of-school photos. Without lunch boxes, the children hold their favorite schoolbooks in their hands for the picture-taking session.

Terrie Bitner points out that the first day of homeschool gives you opportunities that the first day of public or private school can't: 

Let your children help plan your curriculum. This is one preparation the public schools can't match. For instance, younger children might be asked to make a list of things they want to learn about in science. You can work together to choose the topics you want to study.

Rubyellen at My Cakies has a similar take on the advantages of the first day of homeschooling:
...the "official" [first] day is on Tuesday, but we want Friday off, so we started today. It's kinda nice having that flexibility!

What sort of first-day-of-school traditions does your family have? Tell us in comments!

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