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Thinkwell Volunteers With Colin's Hope

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This Spring, a group of Thinkwellians had an opportunity to serve alongside Colin's Hope, an organization here in Austin, Texas, that promotes water safety.

Colin's Hope, was founded just a few years ago, by the parents of Colin Holst, a lively, energetic boy who drowned in public swimming pool at the age of 4. After dealing with this horrific incident, his parents were shocked to learn that drowning was the number one cause of death for children under the age of 4, and made it their mission to educate others about water safety and drowning prevention.

One of the ways Colin's Hope helps spread the word, is through targeting zip codes throughout the city with the highest risk of drowning rates. Then, packets are distributed to every doorstep, that include safety cards, printed brochures, and healthy snacks. Colin's Hope has seen zip codes with the highest risk, go to zero risk, within a year.

We got together with Alissa Magrum, longtime friend of Thinkwell, and the CEO of Colin's Hope, to learn about this program and stuff over 1,000 packets for distribution. Here are a few pictures we took along the way.

Alissa, giving hope through Colin's Story, teaching us about water safety.

Team Thinkwell, stuffing packets.

Niko, from Tech Support sorting safety cards and arm bands.

To read more about Colin's Hope, Colin's Story, water safety and how you can get involved, check out their website: www.colinshope.org
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Calculus I in 20 Minutes Hits A Million Views

This weekend, Calculus 1 in 20 Minutes, by Thinkwell's very own Professor Ed Burger reached a million views on Youtube! Click the video below to join the many others who have marveled at this amazing lecture. 

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You can find more of Thinkwell's fantastic videos on YouTube, Mindbites, and, as always, our website.

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