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Hot Off the Press! Thinkwell's First Print Textbook

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After a lot of hard work and excitement, here it is--Thinkwell's first ever print textbook! We're oohing and aahing up a storm! Learn more about the book here.


Education Secretary: Textbooks Must Go Digital

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For over a decade, online textbooks have been a crucial part of Thinkwell's approach to education. Our strong commitment to digital learning is behind every one of our online textbooks, available in math, science, and social science subjects for middle-schoolers, high-schoolers, and college students.

Recently, Education Secretary Arne Duncan described the transition from print to online textbooks as absolutely urgent. "Over the next few years, textbooks should be obsolete," Duncan said. "The world is changing. This has to be where we go as a country."

The education gap continues to widen between students in the U.S. and their peers elsewhere. South Korea, which consistently betters the U.S. in measures of educational outcomes, has embraced digital learning and plans to go fully digital with its textbooks by 2015.

Several states in the U.S. have begun to make digitizing textbooks a priority. Now that all 48 states and D.C. have adopted the Common Core standards (uniform standards for reading and math), it will be easier for states to collaborate in creating online content. This summer, a school district in Huntsville, Alabama, became the first district nationally to attempt to transition completely from print to online textbooks.

Check out Thinkwell's latest online textbook (which also comes in print format), College Algebra.

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Hello from a New Thinkwellian

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Greetings, readers! My name is Leanna and I joined the happy ranks of Thinkwell a few months ago as Assistant Editor. I've been hard at work on one of our newest products--the very awesome College Algebra interactive textbook--but now it's high time I make my blog

Here to help me make my debut is my Feline Friend, Chloe! You know we love our Canine Cadets at Thinkwell--you can't go wrong with a puggle snuggle--but some of us are cat people, too!

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